Bangalow Billy Cart Derby

After an intense two weeks of parliament I was able to spend time in my community on the weekend and participate in two volunteer events. One was tree planting at a new sports and cultural complex site in Byron Bay, where over 80 people turned to plant 2,000 trees. The other event was the community organised Bangalow Billy Cart Derby. This is an event in its 10th year and encourages whole of shire involvement and brings together all ages and all interests; an example of a great community resilience project.

This is a great example of a community resilience project. Sometimes the events that bring diverse people together serves to create an important environment for local communities to meet and engage with people they might not otherwise find themselves agreeing with or having much in common. It’s always good to set aside difference and enjoy a common sharing of community spirit. It’s these positive events that can strengthen communities and build a sense of community that can withstand the challenges and difficulties. This is the key to community resilience.