Ms Barham to the Minister for Finance and Services, and Minister for the Illawarra representing the Minister for Family and Community Services, and Minister for Women—

  1. What arrangements or agreements are in place between the Department of Family and Community Services and Centrelink to provide information about people living in Bankstown who have been referred to the Department?
  2. What class or type of referral to the Department will qualify a person, living in the Bankstown area receiving Federal Government welfare benefits, for income management?
  3. What community and social service programs currently funded by the Department are located in the Bankstown area? Please provide a complete list.
  4. What percentage of people referred to the Department living in the Bankstown area are receiving early intervention programs including Brighter Futures?



  1. Bilateral negotiations have commenced with NSW Government and Commonwealth officials meeting to plan the implementation of the trial. These negotiations will include information sharing arrangements between the Department of Family and Community Services and Centrelink.  
  2. The Commonwealth has stated targeted income management will apply to vulnerable families and individuals including parents referred for income management by state or territory child protection authorities; people assessed by Centrelink social workers as being vulnerable to financial crisis, which could include people referred by public housing authorities because they are at risk of homelessness due to rental arrears; and people who volunteer for income management.
  3. In 2010-11, Community Services provided funding under the following funding programs in the Bankstown LGA:
    Community Services Grants Program: $1,615,845
    Children’s Services Program: $2,043,463
    Early Intervention Program: $2,889,438
    Keep Them Safe: $45,000
    Out-of-Home Care: $2,456,301
    Supported Accommodation Assistance Program: $2,097,294
    Strengthening Communities:  $2,137,969
    Total: $13,285,310
  4. The Department of Family and Community Services does not collect data on this basis.