Media release: Residential Parks review

Residential Parks Register and review supported

 Jan Barham MLC and the NSW Greens have welcomed Government action to establish a state wide register of residential parks and commit to a much needed review of legislation to improve the operation of residential parks.

 The Residential Parks Amendment (Register) Bill 2011, passed by the Legislative Council on Tuesday, will see the Office of Fair Trading create and maintain an official register of all residential parks in NSW.

 Ms Barham was successful in amending the Bill to expand the register information to include all owners of the parks and a requirement that the register is made public.

 “Despite there being over 950 residential parks in NSW, comprising a mix of long term affordable housing, short term tourism, camping and manufactured home estates, there hasn’t been accurate information collected.  The register will provide data to record the trends and any changes that occur to this type of housing and tourism.” said Ms Barham

 “Over the last few years, there have been many changes in the nature of caravan parks and holiday parks, particularly in coastal areas. At the same time, there’s been a distinct lack of affordable housing in these areas, so residential parks are an important housing and temporary accommodation option. 

 However, when issues arise for tenants regarding their rights, particularly in regards to rent increases, its essential that the relevant information is available to them to be able to take matters to the Consumer Trader Tenancy Tribunal” said Jan Barham.

 The unfortunate reality is that under current legislation, some tenants face challenges that affect their security and well being. Residents’ advocacy groups have advised of situations where rents have suddenly risen or where the tenancy rights of residents have been violated.”

 The Government will proceed with the release of a discussion paper for public comment later this year and conduct consultations on a wide range of issues in relation to residential parks.

“I strongly encourage all members of the community to make submissions. This is an important opportunity to comment on legislation and to improve the lives of thousands of people and enshrine greater protection for those who live in this type of accommodation”

 For Further Comment, please contact Jan Barham directly on 0407 065 061