13th September 2011


The Hon. JAN BARHAM: My question is directed to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, representing the Premier. What consultation was undertaken by the New South Wales Government for development of the new State Plan NSW 2021?


13th September 2011

The Hon. MICHAEL GALLACHER: I inform the House that in the area of policing alone the Government is involved in extensive consultation with the community, particularly in the social policy area in which I was involved. We travelled right throughout New South Wales. Significantly, quite a large number of Coalition members, who at that stage were shadow Ministers, undertook travel throughout the State. I thank the member for her question because the new State Plan NSW 2021 is testament to what happens when oppositions work hard. The shadow Ministers worked hard to achieve a change of government in New South Wales and they were very successful.

In relation to the specific segments of the State Plan NSW 2021, I am not aware of the consultation to which the member referred. However, I assure her that all areas of the State were covered in conjunction with preparation of the Coalition’s policy work prior to the election. I am sure the member also has noticed that since being elected to government in March, we have continued our extensive program of travelling throughout the State. The process has only just begun to ensure that when the community perceives a need for change, which was the case prior to March 2011, the Coalition will work with it to ensure that the policy direction the Government has put forward, and will continue to pursue in the future, is the right one for New South Wales.