10th Anniversary of the Arakwal Indigenous Land Use Agreement

On 22 October I was pleased to attend the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Arakwal Indigenous land use agreement [ILUA], which led to the creation of Arakwal National Park at Byron Bay. The ILUA was the first of its kind in Australia and paved the way for other similar agreements around the country. The ILUA and the jointly managed park continues to deliver cultural, economic and environmental benefits for the whole community.

 I had the privilege of playing an active role is the long process that led to development of the Arakwal ILUA, and congratulate all those involved, particularly the Bunjalung Elders who continue to drive the partnership.

 View the National Parks and Wildlife Service photos gallery of the event at http://www.flickr.com/photos/24446199@N08/6275286303/in/photostream/