MEDIA RELEASE: Foster Kids Deserve Support


“Leaving Care Plans are vital”

 Addressing the needs of vulnerable people in society is a priority for the Greens.  This week the NSW Upper House unanimously supported a motion by Greens MLC Jan Barham to address the difficulties faced by young foster children leaving care.

“I am pleased that the Government and all parties have unanimously acknowledged the commitment to prioritise the needs of young people leaving foster care.

When there is an increase above the current figure of 18 per cent of these vulnerable young people receiving a leaving care plan we will see a better outcome for them and society as a whole.  That is the performance test, to ensure that all young children leaving care receive the support they deserve” said Jan Barham MLC.

The motion to the Parliament identified the shortcomings in providing support for young people leaving care.  Despite a legislated requirement under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 which states that a plan must be prepared for a young person before they leave care, questions in parliament revealed that only 18% of eligible young people currently receive a plan.

 “The motion has identified the importance of this issue in addressing the vulnerability of young people when they leave care.  The speakers from all parties have stated their concern and support in relation to this matter and i look forward to the Government focussing on this issue to improve the outcomes for these children.  

 We have a responsibility to support these young people and the overwhelming response was that it is an investment not just in these young people but in society” said Jan Barham MLC

For Further Comment, please contact Jan Barham directly on 0407 065 061