More Jobs for People with a Disability

The NSW Greens spokesperson on Disability, Jan Barham is encouraging employers to provide jobs to people with a disability.

“The New South Wales Government introduced legislation that supports employers and people with a disability in the workforce. I have written to all Chambers of Commerce in NSW to advise them of the funding that is available. I look forward to an increase in opportunities created,” said Jan Barham.

“There are well over 300,000 people with a disability in NSW of a working age who are not in the labour force and 260 614 receiving the Disability Support Pension, with only 8.1% of those reporting earnings. Many of these people want the opportunity to participate in the workforce and more should be done to assist them,” Jan Barham said.

Australia currently ranks 21 out of 29 OECD countries for employment levels of people with a disability and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2009 had an employment participation rate of 54%, much lower than the general population of 83%.

Ms Barham noted that a recent report by Deloitte Access Economics found that closing the gap between labour market participation rates and unemployment rates for people with and without a disability by one third would result in a cumulative $43 billion increase in Australia’s GDP over the next decade.

“It’s of great concern that a Deloitte Access Economics report found that people with disabilities who are excluded from the workforce have lower standards of living and less financial control,” said Jan Barham.

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