Petition – Recognition of Forced Adoption Practices

Help provide ongoing recognition of forced adoption practices – Download the petition

The NSW Government delivered an Apology for Forced Adoption Practices on 20th September 2012, which was adopted by both Houses of the NSW Parliament (view Jan Barham’s apology speech on YouTube). The Australian Government has also delivered its apology on 21st March 2013. The governments of each other state and territory have also delivered an apology, or have announced their intention to do so.

But apology is only one step in the process of reconciliation and reparation following an injustice. Ongoing acknowledgement of the impact of forced adoption practices, and awareness of the apology delivered to those affected, are important next steps. On behalf of The Greens, Jan Barham has a motion before the Parliament calling on the Government to:

  • establish an annual Day of Recognition of Forced Adoption Practices,
  • construct a public memorial to commemorate the apology to those affected by forced adoption practices in NSW, and
  • develop information resources and a communications strategy to raise public awareness of past forced adoption practices and the traumatic effects of forced adoptions, and to highlight the support services available to those affected by forced adoption practices.

These would be significant acts of acknowledgement that could have a lasting impact. This is something the NSW Government should adopt as a permanent recognition of forced adoptions, and of their apology.

You can help to show the Government that this is a motion worth supporting. Download the petition, sign it yourself, then collect as many signatures as you can and send it to Jan’s office. When Parliament resumes on 20th August, Jan will be able to table the petition in the NSW Legislative Council, formally recording that there is public support for these three actions.

Download the petition here. The address to return your petitions is at the bottom of the sheet. If you have any questions or would like to raise any issues, please contact Jan’s office – email or call (02) 9230 2603.