Parliamentary housing inquiries: Background and resources for submissions

You may already be aware that two inquiries into housing have recently commenced:

Each community in NSW has its own housing and homelessness issues, and I hope that there will be submissions to both inquiries that highlight those local challenges and the potential solutions. If you are considering preparing a submission then you might find some of these general resources helpful in providing supporting evidence:

  1. The Auditor-General’s report on Making the best use of public housing.
  2. Australians for Affordable Housing has a lot of great papers on housing stress and affordability issues.
  3. The Grattan Institute’s Cities program has produced several reports on housing policy, including Renovating housing policy, Tomorrows suburbs: Building flexible neighbourhoods and Getting the housing we want.
  4. The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) produces a tremendous amount of research and literature reviews.
  5. Saul Eslake’s recent presentation to the 122nd Annual Henry George Commemorative dinner, 50 Years of Housing Failure, raises some important issues about housing and the impacts of tax policies and ineffective programs.
  6. Shelter NSW provides a range of information relevant to affordable and social housing, and some of the presentations from their Housing Crossroads conference earlier this year are especially useful.
  7. A Productivity Commission working paper on Deep and Persistent Disadvantage in Australia highlights many of the issues relating to social and economic disadvantage, including how housing can be related to poverty and other obstacles to wellbeing.
  8. The Australian Greens’ Homelessness Action Plan also identifies some policy options to deliver more housing and reduce homelessness.

If you are after any additional information about housing issues, please feel free to contact my office and we will attempt to assist you.

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