Shock at further destruction of irreplaceable Old Growth Forest

North Coast Greens MP, Jan Barham, is shocked and saddened by the planned logging of a stand of Old Growth Forest in Koreelah State Forest.

“Having raised the matter in Parliament and met with the Minister’s staff, I had hoped to secure protection of this significant stand of ancient trees and a comprehensive review by Government, Ms Barham said.

“These trees are known to support many threatened species, including Albert’s Lyrebird, Sooty Owl, Marbled Frogmouth, Yellow-bellied Glider and Fleay’s Barred Frog, all of which will be adversely impacted by logging. I also doubt that many people have seen trees this large and marvelled at their majestic size. It is an unnecessary loss.”

“I understand Forestry Corporation’s regional manager advised yesterday of their intention to commence logging, and that the only protection would be for trees with a diameter of at least 1.8 metres. The Forestry Corporation’s own evidence from studies of Terania Creek in 1981 shows that trees this large could be as much as 1,500 years old.”

“The Government has also made it clear to NEFA representatives that unauthorised persons are not permitted on site. While the Government wants to avoid the public gaze, it has only been through the efforts of forest ecologists and activists that we have been made aware of the loss of these irreplaceable natural treasures,” Ms Barham concluded.

A massive ancient tree from Koreelah State Forest
(Photograph provided by Dailan Pugh.)