Petition: Fix the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme

Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme rally in Macquarie Street

People with a disability have a right to engage in work and recreation but access to suitable transport can be limited and unaffordable. The Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) was introduced in 1981 at a time when there were no public transport options available to people with disability.

The maximum subsidy cap of $30 was last increased in 1999 – 15 years without an increase! Taxi fares have increased by more than 60% over the same period. Victoria increased its scheme in 2008 (from $30 up to $60), which is now double the subsidy cap in NSW.

I hosted a forum in Parliament on 21st October 2014, and ahead of the event there was a rally outside Parliament House. You can also hear more about the issue and the effects of a low taxi transport subsidy on people’s lives in this ABC radio report.

I’m collecting signatures on a petition calling on the NSW Government to increase the subsidy cap. Because the Parliament doesn’t accept electronic petitions, they have to be received in printed form. Please download the petition using the links below, then sign them and collect as many signatures as you can, and send them in to my office (the address is on the petition). Help us to make sure people with disability have fair access to the opportunities to participate in work, recreation and everything else many people take for granted!

Download the petition as a PDF document

Download the petition as a Word document