Climate Action NSW

Baby turtles in the sand

Governments are failing our community on climate change. It’s essential that we care for the wellbeing of future generations and protect our communities and the environment. If we don’t address global warming and its impact on our climate, we’ll leave an unsafe environment and a compromised quality of life as consequences of our inaction.

The Greens are committed to strong action on climate change. We need communities, businesses and all levels of government – federal, state and local – to play their part. That’s why I’ve introduced legislation that would lock in mandatory targets to ensure NSW achieves net zero emissions by 2040, require all government agencies to plan for how we will reduce emissions and adapt to climate change, and allow court proceedings to hold the government accountable for decisions that undermine climate action.

You can lend your support by visiting the Climate Action NSW website and pledging your Commitment to Climate Action.