Parliamentary Action on Forests

Support the crucial campaigns to protect and grow forests across New South Wales:

In the final 2016 sitting of the NSW Legislative Council I’ve put these motions about forest protection on the Parliamentary record:

Great Southern Forest

1. That this House notes that the “Great Southern Forest: A new approach to native forest management for jobs, wildlife and carbon” is a proposal presented by a alliance of conservation groups including the National Parks Association of NSW, National Trust and South East Region Conservation Alliance that “would reorient the Federal and State governments to recognise our native forests as the best land-based carbon store and to use carbon funding to invest in regional employment in tourism and forest protection.”

2. That this House notes that the Great Southern Forest proposal recommends that:

a. the Commonwealth and NSW Governments recognise ceasing public native forest logging is a cost effective and environmentally valuable way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions,

b. the Commonwealth and NSW Governments agree on protocols for the cessation of public native forest logging to be eligible for Emission Reduction Fund credits,

c. the NSW State Government change the management focus of public native forests from logging to carbon capture before NSW’s Regional Forest Agreements for the Southern Forest Region expire between 2019 and 2021, and to immediately commence negotiations to secure carbon credits from the Australian Government’s Emission Reduction Fund, and

d. the NSW Government links such carbon credit revenue with regional tourist infrastructure, wildlife protection and forest restoration, to generate long term, sustainable jobs in the region and to protect public native forests and endangered wildlife.

Forests Forever

1. That this House notes that the North East Forest Alliance’s “Forests Forever” position statement:

a. identifies that the Forest Agreements for upper and lower north east New South Wales have not delivered a comprehensive, adequate and representative reserve system or ecologically sustainable forest management, and

b. calls for a rapid phase-out of the logging of public native forests in order to protect and restore:

i. threatened and other native species habitat,

ii. water yields, water quality and stream health,

iii. carbon take-up and storage, and

iv. forest health and natural processes.

During the summer we’ll be producing new forest campaign materials and working to support the communities and campaigners working across the state to prevent destructive logging of native forests and promote alternative uses of forests for tourism, recreation, carbon sequestration, etc.